"Natasha is a phenomenal human being. I have been a yoga student of hers for nearly ten years, and she instructed thousands of yogis of all types at my studio in Toronto, 889 Yoga. I have also had the pleasure of Natasha being my birth doula, helping deliver my baby girl. Her experience as a yoga asana instructor is exceptional and rare. Her knowledge of the body is remarkable. Natasha's expertise shines as an  "Anatomy" teacher, part of the Faculty of the 889 Living Yoga Program which teaches and trains aspiring yoga teachers. Natasha lives her yoga through and through as a dedicated lifelong student herself, a teacher, a teacher of teachers, a mother, and as a birth doula. Yoga is woven deep within her inner-fabric. I am privileged to have worked with her in many capacities, and now, also to call her my friend." - Christine Russell, Founder 889 Yoga

"Sometimes it just happens, you meet someone and in a very little amount of time they touch your life and have a profound effect on you.  You cannot explain nor do you understand the why and how.  All you know is that the person changed you for the better.  This Natasha, is what you did for me.  Your teaching is the very definition of integrity and you taught me to be strong, graceful and humble.  You will remain forever my favourite yoga teacher" - Shivanthi

"I want to express my deepest gratitude for the way you have inspired me on this yoga teacher training journey.  You are a shining example of a truly authentic teacher.  I can only hope to infuse my students with the feeling of ownership over their bodies and the sense of empowerment you instil each time you step into a class to teach. Thank you for being my mentor and friend.  Thank you for leading by example, sharing your experience and for holding the space for me to discover my own journey into teaching.  I deeply appreciate the time you pour into me and your students on a regular basis."  - Robin Connolly

" It was a privilege to have been a client of Natasha's over the last few years. Her holistic and dedicated approach to the yoga discipline, combined with her deep knowledge of the human anatomy, provided the expert and bespoke style fundamental to my overall health and well-being.  As a results oriented and well versed yoga client, I highly recommend Natasha to those looking for instruction at a higher level." - Chris Seip

"Natasha's deep understanding of the human body and her gentle way of making you work where it is not so easy separates her from most yoga teachers. She teaches yoga without fluff and her passion for going deeper into the body is palpable." - Dr. Radha Kohly & Dr. Rajeev Mooney

"Thank you so much for all you have taught me.  I so admire your discipline and intellect and the creative way you share what you so obviously love." - Mark Krause

"Natasha ‎is truly an inspirational yoga instructor who has a wealth of bio-mechanical and anatomical knowledge at her disposal which she is able to share with her students in simple, easy to understand, language.  Natasha has the unique talent to break down asanas into their most basic components; and to guide her students through the process of building each pose - layer by layer - so that one's yoga practice bounds with knowledge, strength and stability; all the while being mindful of proper alignment, so as to prevent injury. Each class with Natasha will leave you feeling invigorated, clear-minded and ready to tackle the rest of the day, no matter what may follow" - Michael Myers 

"I am a yoga student for 7 years and more regularly in the last 2 years. In the last year I had the good fortune to study with Natasha. She is a world class teacher with a potent but light presence. Her knowledge of muscle skeletal anatomy is superb and she uses this data when she narrates, leading the class as if downloading to your inner yogi. Before long, yoga is happening and you learn to let go of either self inflating or putting yourself down in each of the postures or you loose the flow that she purposes.
She leads the adventure of the day through a sequence of seamless asanas in a continuum and her precise instruction takes you to the edge of your ability without the risk of injury. Beginner or advance practitioner will find Natasha a great asset." - José da Costa Reis DC, ND

"I am in awe of the strength of practice and spirit that Natasha embodies. Through practicing with her, I have grown to have an understanding and a compassion for my body (and myself), in ways I never thought possible. The softness of her encouragement in asking her students to feel without judgement, has been something I've carried with me in my practice and off my mat." - Hillary Scoffield

Natasha, thank you so much for class on Monday.  I have to tell you, again, how much I enjoy your teaching.... your classes are exactly what I need in my life... - Carolyn Lawrence

"Natasha through her insightful instruction helped me develop a practice that eliminated the stress and friction of moving from the west coast to toronto just in time for winter.  I look forward to returning to west to enjoy more of the most enjoyable lessons of my life." - John Vogel

"Natasha taught us the power of movement in a unique teaching style that combines anatomical focus and challenging sequencing. In her presence she made us feel comfortable and at ease especially with Ken being new to yoga . We both experienced amazing benefits including mobility and flexibly, gained through practice that we applied to our daily training. I would highly recommend Natasha to anyone who wants to experience yoga on a high level. Natasha is the best at addressing all technicalities that are essential to a good practice." - Ken Jesudian & Jessica Coronios 

"Expecting your first child is a daunting process but having to face this as a single parent is petrifying. Natasha helped me conquer my fears, ready myself for the imminent birth of my daughter and reminded me about what's important...and she did this with grace, intelligence and compassion.  Her dedication during the long hours of labour and through unforeseen medical procedures was outstanding.  There were times when it seemed it was never going to end, but Natasha never missed a beat, she kept me focused and did so with a warm smile.  Natasha is an intensely dedicated and loving person who believes deeply in the importance of being a doula and and how incredibly intimate and privilege this work is" - Hazel Cho

"I want you to know how much I enjoyed your classes and how much I learned from you. I have missed yoga with you.... I wish you all the best in this new adventure and hope our paths may cross again sometime." - Marjan

"...You are a wonderful teacher and will remain one of may favourites...I always loved how I felt, both mentally and physically, after your classes. You are a true star that shines brightly...its a pleasure knowing you. much love and peace" - Marla 

"Thank you again for allowing me to observe your class this morning. It is such a privilege to be in the same space as you and see how seemlessly you move peoples energy, absolutely amazing and inspirational. Namaste." - David

"Thanks for the great session yesterday, Natasha. I really value this time with you and am full of gratitude for you and for your commitment to my progress. You inspire me!" - Emily Ridout, Founder 889

"Your approach to yoga intrigues me because it seems so rooted in safety and expertise, yet I feel overwhelmed by all the information. I feel like I would be so grateful if I could take all the information you give and employ it in my own practice never mind as a teacher.  I'm just trying to be brave, practice and it will come..." - Nikki

"I really enjoyed your method of teaching especially your knowledge and awareness of anatomy. You helped show me ways to strengthen my weaknesses. The postures and movements you had me do are now very much a part of my everyday routine. My hip flexure is no longer painful as a result of these exercises."  - Shelly Harris

"I was in your class last night.... I wanted to tell you that I think you are a tremendous teacher with such a talent for illuminating movements and principals which would normally pass me by. I also really enjoyed your technique of extending the torso over the leg first before bending the knee for parsvokanasa. I can't tell you how much grief my hip flexors give me when I bed the knee first. It was a brand new posture for me last night!.... You're truly a breath of fresh air!" - Joanna

"So...THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HELP AND SUPPORT AND...LISTENING EARS!!! You are such a gentle and stable presence and it helped me so very much Natasha, I am so grateful to have had you there with me, you helped a lot.... Thank you, again..........with all my heart"  - Pam