Mothers Retreat 3.0 - When we were daughters

  • Bowen Island Yoga 585 Prometheus Place Bowen Island, BC, V0N 1G2 Canada

Come nurture yourself deeply, by gathering with other women and daughters in a safe and sacred space. 

One of the most complex and layered relationships we will ever know is the bond with our mothers.  This is the time to put our roles as caregivers aside and make space for nurturing ourselves as daughters.  

The afternoon will begin with a group circle about the story of each of our mothers.  Then, a heart and hip opening practice will assist to open our bodies up and prepare us for a dive deep into personal and confidential journalling about ourselves as daughters. We’ll quietly reflect the afternoon in guided mediation and transition into a vegetarian potluck to close the evening. 

"Self-care is not about self-indulgence, it is about self-preservation”
~ Audrey Lorde