As some of you may know, in the fall of 2014 we moved out of downtown Toronto (my home for the past 18 years) to a small island just off West Vancouver.  We couldn't have picked a better place to call home.  So different, yet so familiar and welcoming.  I feel very integrated into my new surroundings and am grateful for the yoga community here.  There is a wonderful yoga studio I base myself out of these days and being less busy is good. I've had more time to really think about where I'm going with my teaching....and this past year I've struggled with not feeling like I'm cut out to teach anymore... but at the same time feeling like I'm also not ready to let go.  I love teaching and want to continue to teach, really teach, and pass on the knowledge my mentors have shared with me over the years to you.  So, this is what I'm doing.  Committing to this project and eventually uploading a library of resources for students and teachers alike.  I'm thinking of it as opening my own little studio and it serves as my outlet to give back.  This is the space for my Karma Yoga.

These classes are typically 10-15 mins long.  They move slowly, often focus on one or two areas and integrate what I like to refer to as remedial movements into the practice. If you are looking for a longer practice, then you can string a few together.  Based on the titles you should be able to find what your body needs.  My commitment to this practice stemmed from how deep I could get into understanding my body and that reflects in my teaching.  It is my pathway to compassion, stillness, strength, stability and peace.

Imitate, integrate and then innovate this into your own practice. Give me feedback, themes/ideas and donate if you'd like to support it. 

I try to upload a new class every Friday.  Enjoy :)