889 Living Yoga Program 200-hour RYT

I'm thrilled and honoured once again to be on the faculty for this unique and incredible in-depth yoga journey.   If you've done a training before and just would like to take a module (mine or someone else's!) that's an option too!  889 is so thoughtful in letting the program work for everyones schedule.  

889 Living Yoga Program 200-hour In-Depth Fall/Winter 2014/15 with LYP Faculty

Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, SunDate: Sep 10, 2014 to Feb 07, 2015

889 Living Yoga Program

200-hour In-Depth Fall/Winter

Dates: September 10, 2014 – February 7, 2015

Price: $4,950+HST

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A Pocket Guide to Self-Renewal

“Self-care is not about self-indulgence, it is about self-preservation” - Audrey Lorde 


Having a baby is life changing.  It brings up so many questions and insecurities many of us didn’t know we had.  After having my first child I blogged about how my yoga practice changed and shifted.  Now six months after my second child I am still figuring how to carve out less time and give more of myself.  How to keep prioritizing self care while at the same time a day can scream by and my teeth/hair went unbrushed or all I ate was a banana and it’s 4 o’clock, let alone drink enough water to make a trip to the washroom (alone, if I’m lucky)...Ahhh, I didn’t have time to sit down anyway!  


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Living Yoga Program at 889

I am thrilled to be a part of the faculty starting this September leading an introductory course on the Anatomy of Asana.  This is part of the Yoga Alliance certified 200 hour program.  I believe this is going to be an amazing program for any student that wishes to gain a deeper understanding of their practice and yoga (in it's many forms).  


Experience the body as a living and evolving system.

In this 10-hour introductory anatomy course we will be focusing on gaining a clear understanding of anatomy within the context of asana practice.

This will include:

-Understanding asana from the perspective of different body systems

-Integrating principles of anatomy in teaching asana-Encouraging each student to explore their personal experience by focusing on an area where they have been injured or experienced difficulty in their own body.

-Developing keen observation skills in relationship to movement and stillness

From this foundation, we can experience the body as a living and evolving system and to continue to learn about our (and others) yoga practice from this perspective.


Location: 889 Yonge Street

Living Yoga Faculty: Natasha Currah

Dates: Thursdays from 7:00-9:00pm

This module will have 5 session taking place on 9/19, 10/3, 10/17, 11/7, 11/21


For other modules with incredibly seasoned teachers such as Sean Corne, Marla Joy, Matthew Remski and Scott Petrie click here:  




Balance with Boundaries

"Its not about where you're going, it's knowing where you are" I heard my yoga teacher, Chuck Miller, say many times through the years I've spent in class with him. I used to have no idea what he was saying as I was practically loosing my breath trying to keep up what I thought was a yoga practice that was very deep. committed. impressive.

I didn't realize I was overlooking a balance on (and off) my mat that comes with knowing presence.

There is an intelligence that builds with the practice almost immediately. As we connect our minds to our bodies with breath there is an invitation to dive into our interior landscape. Every asana we meet again and again, reveals a deeper layer that we draw awareness to. The presence I became alert to was another layer of the onion unravelling into how to cross my own boundaries...

How often do we allow others to cross our boundaries? How does it feel when it happens? Inviting in frustration and/or allocating blame. A seemingly small part of a day can end up carrying a huge charge, consuming and replaying in our minds because we allowed someone to cross a boundary. Again. Yet, do we bring that awareness with ourselves when we step on our mats? Repeatedly crossing our own boundaries towards a physical injury, a negative self image or an expectation of where we should be. Wanting to look/feel impressive. committed. deep. To who? We loose the balance between effort and surrender, Pleasure and pain. That same teacher once spoke about the way a student treats themselves on their mat is no different then how they are in the rest of life.  How transparent we all become! 

When we loose a steady, slow breath, we loose balance and when we loose balance, blurring internal/external boundaries soon follows.  Knowing where I am truly at in my mind and body has become a dance with how I choose to play the inside out.  Yoga mat or not, it really doesn't matter where I'm going at all.  

Control, Competition and Consciousness

Half way into my second pregnancy I wanted to reflect on a journal entry that I wrote in the first 2 months.  Adjusting to changes in my body and emotions was an even bigger roller coaster ride this time around, but re-reading this again, feeling more rooted in this new chapter in my life, I understand how truly relevant it is….to everyone.

"...Im realizing (again) that I try to control my environment when I feel out of touch with my body, my practice/ability to quiet my mind or when I'm emotionally/mentally over stretched (or all three).   The constant comparison I do on my every move (usually after its been done) to others I know/have seen/make up in my head causes a cycle of unfair judgement.  It makes me feel overwhelmingly negative...and revisiting to this pattern throughout my life over is also defeating.    As I find the space and time I will:

- Accept everything that I do without attachment to it

- Accept and support others for their ability to make choices for themselves.

- Love with all my heart though my body and mind maybe depleted.  I will never regret overextending myself to show love, but I may regret ambivalence."

This is an entry that serves as a very helpful reminder for me.  Although my condition  for control and competition has submerged below my surface of consciousness once more, I know from that place it is somehow encouraging me to continue to practice yoga, breath and loving kindness.  We all have unexpected opportunities in our lives to "hold up the mirror", but it is within that opportunity we have the chance to authentically see parts of ourself that call for attention, repair or just simply love.

New Prenatal Yoga Classes for 2013!

I'm excited to announce that I will be teaching not one, but two prenatal yoga classes starting in January 2013.  If you are pregnant or know someone who is now you have some specialized classes to get you started or keep you in your yoga practice during this incredible time of transition and growth!

Tuesdays (Drop in) at 889 Yoga 7:15-8:15pm

Fridays (Pre-registered) at The Adelaide Club 1:45-2:45pm

I'm so looking forward to finally having the bridge in my offerings from Yoga to Prenatal care.  Please feel free to submit any questions you may have.

Kickstart a 180 for $180

Many times I hear from people I've been introduced to for the first time "I've always wanted to start yoga but I'm too intimated to try a class".  It's true, getting to your mat can be a difficult task even if you've been practicing for years.  We always can think of a hundred reasons why we should put lots of things in front of carving out time to practice, the time that nurtures the relationship to our body - this vehicle that carries us through our entire life.  

And just like that another end of a year is upon us already.  If you are already preparing to put your head down and plough through the next 8 weeks of holiday frenzy  this offering could give you some sweet serenity...  

A reason to book an appointment with yourself.  

A chance to feel more balanced, limber and strong.

A better sleep.  

...Or get twice the benefits if you're not just thinking about yourself, but possibly a gift for partner, sibling, or a friend! 

For November and December ONLY new clients can purchase 3 hours of in-home private yoga sessions for $180.  

*Existing clients refer a new client and get 30% off your next in-home session!

For more information email me -  ncurrah@me.com

(photograph by peek photography)

(photograph by peek photography)

Another Hip Release Party!

Back by popular demand, this intimate workshop style class focuses on gaining a deeper access and understanding on an area where we could all use some opening... Hips!  Front, back, inner and outer. 

Whether your practice is advanced or occasional a quality of learning offered with personal attention. 

Monday November 19th 7:30-9pm.  To register or for more info please click the link below.

A Poem By Judith Lasater

I had the honour of listening to one of North America's foremost Yoga teachers this afternoon speak whole heartedly about taking the practice of non-violence off her mat and into everyday communication.  There were many wonderful phrases, mantra's and tool Judith offered up from her experience (one of which was - good judgement comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgement. So true.).  But I really loved the poem she wrote and shared with the group as our afternoon came to a close:

There is no lacking in you

You are already whole and joyous

You are already one with the universe

You are the light as it skips across the surface of the pond

You are the bird that sails through the clouds

You are surfing on a surface of God's love

You are the deepest, wisest, fullest, most passionate expression of divinity

There is nowhere to go and nothing to do

Forget yourself and remember everything

Fling yourself from the pentacle of fear into the abyss of Joy

Sing, dance and love

You are the expression of all these things

Find that which was never lost.

Make Do

Often I find myself so immersed in how immeasurably long, wide and deep the practice of yoga is.  How I don't have enough hours in a day to practice all I want, or better, years in my life!  Is it/am I enough? How that carved out condition embedded in my being trickles in and shows its face in my practice. How many times have I put too much on my plate only to understand what my capacity is? 

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In an urban metropolis such as Toronto, we have many distractions that constantly challenge us to stay in our centre, our place of strength, the present moment.  I can attest to zoning out on the subway and absorbing myself into my iphone or weaving my way through the downtown crowds feeling as if everyone is an obstacle in the way of my destination.  It’s something we all experience as city dwellers.  Little fish in a big pond.

I think sometimes that’s why most of us keep coming back to the practice of yoga.  We like the feeling that it builds flexibility and strength, but there’s an internal awareness and stability it builds as well.  The asana (physical) practice of yoga begins to open up emotional and energetic pathways within.  Just by getting a deep stretch into our shoulders or our hips for example, begins to release emotional stress that’s built up over time and takes form in the physical body. Beginning to see that the soft shoulders we thought we were relaxing in downward dog are actually as hard as rocks! Or the quality of our breath outside of class can makes us feel like we’re in a constant state of hyperventilation…yoga starts to turn on little lights that we never even knew were out.

One of the first things that drew me back to class was the feeling of ease I felt in my mind for hours after a practice.  The awareness that I was building in my body was leading a pathway to being able to understand how the mind functions.  When a teacher once began to speak about a “monkey mind” I began to realize that outside of my yoga practice is where my mind, where most minds go – unconsciously unconscious.  We didn’t know there was a deficit until yoga shined a light on it.  That realization leads us to beingconsciously unconscious, now seeing that even off out mats we have the ability to train the mind like a muscle, we just don’t know how yet.  Most of us (myself included) spend years and perhaps a lifetime on staying consciously conscious, or in the present moment. Once we understand that we have the tools to…we might even become lucky enough one day to experience and even teach unconscious consciousness.

The ability to stay centered and grounded (even during yoga) can be extremely challenging when you’re in this crazy city.  Take some time when this world isn’t constantly prompting you to react to an email/text to do the following practice to help keep youconsciously conscious:

  1. Find a place in your body that you feel a place of strength (physical/emotional/spiritual)
  2. Focus on that place and begin to feel that place root you to the earth beneath you
  3. Begin to feel the earth connect back to you and feel the present moment you are in
  4. Repeat as many times as you can each day (before getting up or going to sleep are great places to start).

This small practice can almost seem too simple, but repeated enough can give you the quality of the moment we are so often missing from our lives.  Encourage the lights that have started to flicker and shimmer to shine on and help keep you steady in turbulent surroundings.  They will guide you back home.

Practice makes Permanent

Practice Makes permanent. Think about it. You can practice until you are able do something with out thinking.

But if you practice something without a complete sense of what you’re working towards, you could perform that task with false comprehension.

It is when we get comfortable in the grooves we have started to carve out that we need a reminder that there is still an infinite amount of work that lies ahead in awakening the intelligence in our bodies.

Let’s continue to sow and nurture the seeds of our practice so we can benefit from the fruits of our labour….

Join me starting on Friday May 4th at 9:30am for an expansive and awakening Level 2 Vinyasa Flow at 889 Yonge Street.

See you on the mat