A New Beginning

My best friend told me that I sound like I’m retiring - giving up our fantastic home in the city. Moving to the west coast - where it’s “always” raining . Me: picturing the ocean view everyday from my living room and the luminous night sky. Maybe I am retiring, wanting to slow down. Living almost half my life sharing limited space with thousands of people will be quite a contrast to my new home on an island, but I feel as though I’m already there.

I am so grateful for all this beautiful city is, but at the same time this place is wearing me down. Toronto lead me to meet my now husband, introduced me to incredible mentors and friends, and allowed me to follow my dream of making a career out of something that I love. I will miss the home that we poured four years of our life into. It pulls my heart strings a bit thinking about the day we leave behind this place where so many memories have been made. To start a new everything. I will miss my family, friends, clients, this beautiful yoga community and I will miss you.

They say if you’re dreams don't terrify you, you’re not dreaming big enough. I most likely could overwhelm myself if I really thought about this huge transition I am about to embark on, but I am doing my best at taking it on day by day. It’s an unknown that I’m willingly diving head first into. It’s a contrast to who I was in my twenties. Realizing dreams begs for reflection, insight and evaluation. This keeps me present in knowing the direction I am choosing for this life with my husband and the girls…and makes me feel incredibly blessed.

What will I do when I’m there? Honestly, for now I want to focus on doing the simple things really well. The simple “tasks” that can be easily taken care of by someone else when life offers more and more opportunity. I want to be really good at those things because I do them everyday. They make me who I am. I can layer a bunch of other noise on top of those things to offer a change or distraction, but when everything quiets down again I yearn to remain satisfied in simplicity. With a full heart and an empty mind.

I will be here teaching until the end of October. I hope to hear from you if I don't get to see you. I will continue to blog on my website www.natashacurrah.com - And if you can, please join me for a free community class at 889 (date to be announced soon!).... Or Jamaica in January. Either or, but both are probably best.